27 Jan, 2021 Rutgers Metalloproteins at the Crossroads of Design & Nature Symposium

Bhanu Jaglinki- Rutgers University
Welcome and Introduction. Complete abstracts here.

Followed by Keynote Speaker Hannah Shafaat – Ohio State University

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Emergent Complexity: Reconstructing Primordial Energy Conversion Processes in Model Metalloproteins

Ruchira Chatterjee - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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Structural Changes of the Mn4CaO5 Cluster in the Oxygen-Evolving Complex of Photosystem II using X-ray Diffraction and Emission Spectroscopy

Yun Ji Park - Northwestern University

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Understanding Biosynthesis of Copper-chelating Natural Products, Methanobactins

Shuaihua Gao - UC Berkeley

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Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange within Adenosine Deaminase, a TIM Barrel Hydrolase, identifies Networks for Thermal Activation of Catalysis

Samuel Mann - UC San Francisco

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De Novo Design and Structural Characterization of Functional Mn-Porphyrin-Binding Protein

Pallavi Prasad - University of Mississippi

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Redesign of a Copper Storage Protein into an Artificial Hydrogenase

Jose Alvarez-Hernandez - University of Rochester

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Cobalt-based Biomolecular Catalysts for Hydrogen Evolution from Water

Mengshan Ye - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Synthetic Models of Enzymatic [Fe4S4]–alkyl Intermediates and New Insights into their Electronic Structures

Bhanu Prakash Jagilinki – Rutgers University

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Deciphering the Dayhoff’s Hypothesis on the ‘Origins of Ferredoxins’