2021 Annual ENIGMA Astrobiology Symposium

8 June, 2021

Paul Falkowski - Rutgers University

Welcome and Introduction

Dror Noy - Migal Galilee Research Institute

Dan Salah Tawfik Memorial

Jeremy England - Georgia Institute of Technology

Self-Organization of Lifelike Behaviors

Sara Walker - Arizona State University

Planetary Systems Biochemistry: Inferring the Laws of Life at a Planetary Scale

Aaron Martinez - Rutgers University

Biomarkers in the Geologic Record

Gonen Ashkenasy - Ben-Gurion University

The Systems Chemistry of Peptide Networks

Douglas Pike - Rutgers University

A Protein Structure Sequence: Decoding the Deeper Structural Evolution of Proteins Upon Which Amino Acids Vary

Betul Kacar - University of Arizona

Between a Rock and a Living Place: A Molecular Paleobiology Approach to Explore Life’s Origins and Early Evolution

Saroj Poudel - Rutgers University

Expansion of Positively Charged Cavities Enabled the Evolution of Substrate Specificity in Rubisco

Paul Falkowski - Rutgers University

 Open Discussion

9 June, 2021

Paul Falkowski - Rutgers University

Welcome and Introduction

Birte Hoecker - Bayreuth University

Evolution of Proteins from Subdomain-sized Fragments

Ariel Aptekmann - Rutgers University

Mebipred: Protein Sequence Metal-binding Prediction Web Server and Standalone Tool

Dennis Dean - Virginia Tech

Aspects of Nitrogenase Catalysis and Assembly

Corday Selden - Rutgers University

Tracing N2 Fixation in the (Marine) Environment

Markus Ribbe - University of California, Irvine

Reactivities of Isolated Nitrogenase Cofactors

Jennifer Timm - Rutgers University

Reconstructing a Potential Primordial Hydrogenase

Paul Falkowski - Rutgers University

Closing Remarks